About Us

Keller Stonebraker is a full service, independent insurance agency. We offer personal insurance products including home and auto, as well as commercial insurance products such as property, liability, auto, workers compensation, and group life and health insurance. We provide our customers with innovative strategies to mitigate, transfer and avoid risk in the business and home environments.

Keller Stonebraker has over a century of experience in the communities we serve. Whether you need personal insurance or business coverage, there’s nothing like having a helpful agent that understands your unique needs. At Keller Stonebraker, our agents are knowledgeable, experienced professionals. They work as a proactive partner to make sure your family and business are protected.

Executive & Sales Team

    • Marcia Baker

      Marcia Baker

      Senior Vice President

    • Ric Buchanan

      Ric Buchanan

      Senior Vice President

    • Katie Clutz

      Katie Clutz

      Account Executive

    • Ed Cochran

      Ed Cochran

      President, J. Edward Cochran Division

    • Kimberly Conley

      Kimberly Conley

      Employee Benefits Specialist

    • Michael Cumberland

      Michael Cumberland

      Vice President

    • Todd Geatz

      Todd Geatz

      Account Executive

    • Debbie Hebb

      Deb Hebb

      Vice President

    • Bert Iseminger

      Bert Iseminger

      Account Executive

    • Jack Kohlenstein

      Jack Kohlenstein

      Account Executive

    • Mick Kohlenstein

      Michael Kohlenstein


    • John Latimer

      John Latimer

      Vice President

    • Doris Lehman

      Doris Lehman

      Executive Vice President, J. Edward Cochran Division

    • Chad McCarthy

      Chad McCarthy

      Account Executive

    • Mickey McCarthy

      Mickey McCarthy

      Senior Risk Analyst

    • Jackie Moyer

      Jackie Moyer

      Employee Benefits Specialist

    • Dick Niland

      Dick Niland

      Account Executive

    • David Plank

      David Plank

      Account Executive

    • Doug Railey

      Doug Railey

      Account Executive, Workmeister Division

    • Kent Reynolds

      Kent Reynolds

      Chief Executive Officer

    • John Schnebly

      John Schnebly

      Vice President

    • Vic Stem

      Vic Stem

      Account Executive

    • Lou Stevens

      Lou Stevens

      Account Executive

    • Scott Stevenson

      Scott Stevenson

      Account Executive

      • Andrea Willem

        Andrea Willem

        Account Executive

      • Larry Wilt

        Larry Wilt

        Account Executive

      • Tim Workmeister

        Tim Workmeister

        President, Workmeister Division