Temperature extremes from summer to winter place a heavy burden on the buildings we live in and the places we work. With little warning, gusting winds, heavy snow and bitter temperatures can create a weather event that could collapse your roof, freeze and rupture your piping and cause havoc in your life.

But prudent loss control strategies you implement before winter can protect your home or business and minimize the impact of weather-related property damage, business interruption and other losses.

Cold weather states are not the only places vulnerable to extreme winter weather losses. In reality, property owners in moderate climate states not normally associated with harsh winter weather tend to suffer the most costly losses because they are typically unprepared for extreme conditions. The winter of 2014 was one of the costliest since 1980, with $1.5 billion in insured losses filed between January 1 and February 21, 2014, alone, according to the Insurance Information Institute.


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